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I have not received my order.

回答 Answer

If you have not received your order, there are different confirmation methods depending on the situation before/after shipment. The following methods are available to check the status of your order.
【Before shipment】
It takes 1-7 days to ship your order. (Excluding year-end and New Year holidays, summer vacation, winter vacation, and temporary closures)
※When we receive a large number of orders beyond our expectation during busy periods such as year-end and New Year holidays, sales, etc., or when we are unable to ship due to traffic conditions such as bad weather, etc., we may not be able to ship on the date and time indicated in the e-mail, and there may be a delay.
Check the estimated shipping date on the "Order Comfirmation Notification" 「注文受付完了のお知らせ」email sent after the order has been placed, and kindly wait for the shipment.
【After the order has been shipped】
In case an order that has already been shipped does not arrive as scheduled, please follow the steps below to check and inquire about the status of your order.
1、To check the delivery status of your order, check the "Delivery Company Name"「配送業者名」and "Tracking Number"「お問い合わせ番号」 on the "Shipment Completion Notification"発送完了のお知らせ」 e-mail, and visit the website of the delivery company in charge of your order.
2、If you have any questions about the deliver status of your order, please contact the delivery company directly.
※Regarding the delivery status after shipment from our warehouse, each delivery company is in charge of shipping. Therefore, our customer service cannot assist you in this matter.