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I have unsubscribed from the newsletter, but I still receive emails.

回答 Answer

 For newsletters that have been scheduled for mailing, you may receive several e-mails after unsubscribing because of the difficulty in deleting a scheduled mailing due to system reasons.
In case you still receive e-mails after one month has passed after completing the newsletter unsubscription procedure, please contact us by e-mail.
※If you have not done the unsubscribe procedure yet, please click here for the procedure to follow.
1)Which e-mail address do you want to unsubscribe from?:
2)From which e-mail address did you receive the last e-mail?:
3)When was the last time you received an email from us?(Date and Time):
4)What was the title of the e-mail?:
5)What made you want to unsubscribe from adiCLUB?:
6)When did you cancel your adiCLUB membership? (Answer only if you canceled it.):
7)Are you a registered adiCLUB member at directly-managed stores?:
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