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When placing an order with credit card payment, I am asked for a password and cannot confirm the order.

回答 Answer

When you place an order by credit card payment at this online store, you may be required to authenticate your identity using "3D Secure" depending on the credit card you are using.
If 3D Secure authentication is required, the following pop-up window will appear after you click the "Place Order" button. Please enter your pre-set password according to the screen.
※3D Secure password must be registered in advance before using credit card payment. Please contact your credit card company directly for details on how to register.
In addition, the contents displayed and information required may vary depending on the credit card company with which you have contracted. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
From the viewpoint of preventing unauthorized use of your credit card, if your 3D Secure authentication fails for multiple times, the use of your credit card for payment of your order will be restricted.
If your card has been restricted (locked), please contact our customer service for more information.
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