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  • 公開日時 : 2023/03/17 16:17
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Discount won't be applied after entering the coupon code.

回答 Answer

 Some products are not acceptable for coupon use. (We are unable to provide information on whether or not the coupon can be used for certain products, as they are subject to change at any time.※Each product page does not indicate whether or not the product is applicable to the coupon.
Place the products that you would like to purchase in your shopping cart and enter the coupon code. If you do not see a discount on the price of the product when you select the "Apply" 「適用」button, the product is not applicable for the coupon.
※If the following text appears, the coupon cannot be used. "The coupon code you entered will not be applied to the products currently in your cart."「入力されたクーポンコードは、現在カートに入っている商品には適用されません」"Check the coupon code and the expiration date of the coupon."「クーポンコード、またクーポンの有効期限をご確認ください。」