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I cannot use the coupon after it was cancelled due to a payment error.

回答 Answer

 If an order using a coupon is cancelled due to a payment error, the same coupon code cannot be reused on the next order. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
※All order cancellations due to the following payment errors will be considered as cancellations for the customer's own convenience. Therefore, the coupon cannot be reused for another order.
(Coupons that can be used multiple times can be reused within the specified number of times and within the specified expiration date.)
・Cancellation due to incomplete or expired credit card information
・Cancellation due to incomplete information inputs or settings of AmazonPay
・Cancellation due to failure to pass the credit check for NP deferred payment
・Cancellation due to a lack of PayPay balance or other reasons, or due to incomplete inputs or settings.
・Cancellation due to payment errors other than those listed above