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I want to send it as a gift, so I would like the amount on the price tag and delivery note to be unrecognizable.

回答 Answer

The price of purchased products is usually listed on the product's paper tag (price tag) and on the INVOICE (delivery note)
If you would like the price tag to be unrecognizable, you must select the gift wrapping option ( with a fee) when you place your order. If you choose the gift wrapping option, we will place a piece of tape over the price tag before shipping.
If you wish to hide the amount on the INVOICE (delivery note) included with your order, you must register as an adiCLUB member and log in, then specify a different address from the register address for the delivery when you place your order.
In case you wish to hide the amount on the INVOICE (delivery note) and the amount on the paper tag (price tag), you will need to specify the gift wrapping and put different information from the registered information.
If the above order procedure has not been completed and the conditions are not met, the amount will be displayed on the INVOICE (delivery note) or paper tag (price tag).
※We do not accept returns of products without the paper tag or INVOICE, as this is necessary for handling returns at the customer's convenience or in the event of product defects. We also cannot accept changes to the contents of an order after it has been processed. Thank you for you understanding.