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My registered email address is an unknown address. 【CONFIRMED App】

回答 Answer

When you sign in with your Apple ID for the first time in the Confirmed app, select 'Sign in with Apple'「Appleでサインイン」, and on the next screen, select 'Keep email private' 「メールを非公開」and log in, the '**********@privaterelay.appleid.com' email address is automatically generated to protect your privacy. This is not error, so please don’t be concerned.
This email address "**********@privaterelay.appleid.com" is used to protect your email address registered in your Apple ID, regardless of whether you are registered with adiCLUB or not. If you select "Sign in with Apple ID" or "Keep email private", this is the email address you will use for all your messages.
※Click here for more information on the Apple ID "Keep your email private" on Apple's official support page.
If you wish to use a different email address instead of your AppleID private email address, please log out of the CONFIRMED app's "Profile" 「プロフィール」screen "Settings/Help" 「設定・ヘルプ」page and log in or register a new email address using your own email address.
Select “Profile”
Select 'Settings/Help', scroll to the bottom of the screen and select 'Log out'.
Select "Login or register".
Select 'Email address' 「メールアドレス」and enter either an address already registered with adiCLUB or a new address to register with adiCLUB and continue with the procedure.