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  • 公開日時 : 2023/06/06 10:32
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What is the "ReCAPTCHA" (I am not a robot”私はロボットではありません”) that appears during member registration?

回答 Answer

This online store uses an image authentication system called "ReCAPTCHA" to prevent unauthorized registration and ordering by automated programs.
The ReCAPTCHA image authentication operation is described below.
■1 Select the check box in the red frame.
■2 A question screen will appear. Please select all images that correspond to the content of the question.
※The questions and images displayed will vary each time.
※If you do not know which image corresponds to a question, you can switch questions by pressing the red-framed refresh button at the bottom of the question screen until a clear question/image is displayed.
■3 Once you have selected all the images that apply to the question, select the "Confirm" 【確認】button in the red frame.
■4 A green check mark will appear when the image has been successfully verified, and the image verification process is complete. Please continue with the registration or order process.