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  • 公開日時 : 2023/06/06 10:33
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I receive your newsletter, but I cannot log in to the adidas Online Shop.

回答 Answer

In the event that you have received our newsletters but are unable to log in to this online store, you may not have completed your registration for this online store or you may not have registered as a member. If you are a registered member of our online store but cannot log in, please use a different browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and try accessing our online store again.
Whether or not you are a registered member, or if you are registered but your login does not improve, please contact us from the link below so that we can check your status.
※When contacting us, we will ask you for your e-mail address, phone number, etc.
【Please click here to fill out the inquiry form.】
■Click here to register as a member of our online store.