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Can I have my order wrapped?

回答 Answer

Gift wrapping is available for a fee (330 yen, tax included).
You can choose your preferred color (black or blue) for gift wrapping.
※Some products cannot be gift-wrapped, such as customized products and products that are too large in size. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
Multiple products ordered at one time will be wrapped together in one wrapping bag. Unfortunately, we do not offer wrapping service for only a portion of your order.
If you wish to have your order wrapped, please select your favorite color, either black (Performance) or blue (Originals), and the wrapping method ( wrapping or wrapping materials enclosed only) on the "① Shipping Information"「①配送情報」 page of the purchase procedure screen.
※Click here for the adidas app packaging process.
≪Wrapping Options≫
・wrapping「ラッピング」:Delivered sealed
・wrapping materials enclosed only 「資材のみ同梱」:unsealed wrapping materials enclosed in the package
※In some cases, such as when a product is too large to be packed due to the size of the pre-prepared wrapping material, only the wrapping material will be included in the package even if you select "Wrapping"「ラッピング」. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.
For images of wrapping colors, please refer to the sample images below.
※When you place an order with Click & Collect ( in-store pickup service), we do not accept wrapping requests at the time of order processing. Upon receipt of your order, kindly let our shop assistant know that you would like to have your order wrapped.