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Are men's size M and women's size M the same size (product dimensions)?

回答 Answer

Our products are made according to the skeletal structure of each gender. Therefore, the actual size when worn may differ between men's and women's products even if they are indicated as the same size.
In case you would like to know the product dimensions of the clothing product you would like to purchase, feel free to contact us so that we can look it up for you.
<Product Dimensions and Available Sizes>
■Tops(Jackets, T-shirts, etc.)
・chest circumference
・back length
■Bottoms (pants, half pants, shorts, etc.)
*There are some products for which we are unable to provide information. It may take a few days to a few weeks for us to respond to your inquiry.
Once you have agreed to the above and wish to confirm the product dimensions of the clothing product, simply fill in the necessary items below and write "I would like to know about product dimensions information for clothing products" in your inquiry. 
<Necessary items>
■Product number (6 alphanumeric characters):
*ex.):CE6248, etc

■Product name:
*ex.):Originals Track Top Jersey, etc.
■The size of the product you want to know:
*ex.):chest circumference・back length
■Size you are considering purchasing
*ex.): M, L, etc.
We can offer up to 3 sizes, including the size you are considering.
■Where can I find the product number on the product page?
There may be a slight deviation (1-2 cm) from the product dimensions provided depending on the product. We appreciate your understanding in advance.
If you have any questions, feel free to email us.
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