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I have purchased an item using the NP deferred payment method and have completed the return procedure, but have not yet paid for it. What should I do?

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回答 Answer

If you have made a purchase with NP deferred payment service and have completed the return procedure before paying for the product(s), it is different from the usual return procedure. For more details, refer to the following information, which differs depending on the amount of products to be returned and whether or not payment has been made.
・When all ordered products are returned before payment is made by NP deferred payment service
No refunds will be made before payment is made. We will cancel the NP deferred payment invoice to the customer since the order will be cancelled. Discard the invoice at your hand.
・When you return only a part of your order before payment is made by NP deferred payment service
You will be re-issued an invoice for the purchase price excluding returned product(s). Discard the invoice that you received the first time and pay with the new invoice that will be sent to you.
※If the return is made by the customers' convenience, the customer will be responsible for the handling fee when the invoice is reissued.