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About smari service

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The smari service is a service that allows you to send your purchased product(s) back to us at your local Lawson store without having to fill out a shipping slip or other troublesome procedures.
■ Precautions when taking product(s) to Lawson
・Prepare a box for the return shipment by yourself.
・The size of the box must be 50 cm or smaller on one side and the sum of the three sides (length, width, and height) must be 80 cm or smaller.
・The weight limit for each package is 2 kg or less.
■How to use Smari
(1) Obtain a QR code (to be read by the return box at Lawson)
We will issue a QR code for you, so be sure to bring it with you when you go to Lawson.
We will provide you a QR code with a URL, click on it, and the QR will appear.
(2) Scan the QR code
Scan the QR code over a smari monitor
(3) Attach the label
Attach the label 「貼り付け用ラベル」 printed from smari to your package.
(4) Place the package inside the sumari box.
Open the door at the top of the box and place the package in the sumari box.
(5) Close the door.
Close the door at the top of the sumari box and receive the "label for customer receipt" 「お客様控え用ラベル」 to complete the procedure.
Hope you find this useful.