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What is the refund amount and when is the refund period after returning product(s)?

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Refund processing will begin once we have confirmed the quality and condition of your returned product(s) ( damage, stains, tags, accessories, packing materials, etc.) and have considered the product(s) to be refundable.
If refundable or not, and the method of refund will depend on the condition of the product(s) and how it was purchased, etc.
※Depending on the condition of the product(s), we may send it back to you.
In addition, the refund amount shown at the time of return request is only the amount that is expected to be refunded. After the product(s) is returned, the refund amount will be determined based on our established refund calculation method.
The refund method and timing will vary depending on the payment method used at the time of purchase. When the refund amount is determined, we will send you a refund completion e-mail.
After the product(s) ordered with the coupon code is returned, the coupon will become invalid and cannot be used again.