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I ordered the wrong product(s) and want to exchange it.

回答 Answer

We don’t accept exchanges for any reason other than defective product(s) or misdelivery, as we don’t have a system in place for exchanges at the customer's convenience. We are sorry for troubling you, but please return the product(s) and purchase the product(s) you wish to exchange.
You may return products purchased from our online store if they are marked "returnable" at the time of purchase, within 30 days of delivery, and if they have not been used.
If you want to check if the product is returnable after you have made your purchase, you can return it if the Return Request button is displayed at the bottom of the Order Confirmation page.
You can only return products that are showing the Return Request button.
Please note that even if a product is marked "returnable" at the time of purchase, we are unable to accept returns if the product(s) falls under the non-returnable items.
≪Non-returnable items≫
※It cannot be returned if any of the following applies
・The product has been used for other than trial wear.
・For Sale and Outlet product(s), personalized product(s), customized product(s) and pre-order product(s)
・Products that are not displayed on the screen as "returnable" at the time of purchase and the product(s) obtained from a retailer other than this Online Shop.
・Product tags (price tags) are damaged.
・No instruction manual or packaging materials were sent.
・The tag or sticker has been removed from the product.
(If the tag has been cut off, you can put it in the package and send it back to us.)
・The product's original bag or packaging are missing.
・It has been 30 days after the date of delivery date.
・Sending the product without invoice.
・Novelty gifts granted in campaigns, etc. are not included in the package.
・The condition of the product (including the original box and accessories) when it is returned to us is significantly different from the condition at the time of delivery.
※In the case of a return for the customer's convenience, the customer is responsible for shipping and handling charges at the time of purchase, gift wrapping, and prepaid shipping charges at the time of return, whether or not you are a registered member. If there is any problem or shipment error with your purchase, please contact us.
Before returning the product, please complete the return request procedure on the online store website and send the product back to us. If you have any problems with the return request procedure feel free to contact us.
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