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I have checked the delivery status on the Yamato Transport website and it says Tracking Number Not Registered and I have no idea what the current status is.

回答 Answer

In this case, the shipment from our warehouse has been completed, but the registration by Yamato Transport may not have been completed.
Orders shipped from our warehouse are collected at the Yamato Transport Center, and after the package information is registered by Yamato Transport, the order will be transferred to it's offices in each region. Therefore, when the tracking number has not been registered by Yamato Transport, the message "Tracking number not registered" may appear. It may take several hours to a day for the tracking number to be reflected.
※Immediately after the " Notification of Shipment Completion " 「発送完了のお知らせ」e-mail is delivered, or when the amount of products shipped from our online store increases, the delivery status of your order may show "Tracking Number Not Registered"「伝票番号未登録」. Normally, the status will be reflected by 10:00 p.m. on the day of the " Notification of Shipment Completion"「発送完了メール」email but it may be reflected the next day or later, depending on the circumstances of the pickup by the shipping company.
Therefore, we ask your understanding in waiting for the delivery status to be reflected. When the tracking number is not yet registered, you will not be able to check the status even if you contact the shipping company.
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