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Is it possible to have products that are stated as "Store Stock Only" 「店舗在庫のみ」delivered to a specified address?

回答 Answer

For sizes marked "Store Stock Only"「店舗在庫のみ」, one of the shipping methods of "Delivery from Store" 「店舗からの配送」is available for some products only.
※For products that are not available for the "Delivery from Store" service, only "Pick-up at Store" will be available.
  1. First, please select the size of the product that is "Store Stock Only" 「店舗在庫のみ」in order to determine whether the product you wish to purchase is for "in-store pickup" only「店頭でのお受取」 or for "delivery from store"「店舗からの配送」.
  2. After selecting the size, the products indicated as " Put the product on hold"「取り寄せ・取り置き注文する」 on the order procedure button are available for "Delivery from store"「店舗からの配送」.
  3. The store inventory search screen will appear. If you wish to order delivery from a store「店舗からの配送」, select the " Put the product on hold"「取り寄せ・取り置き注文する」 button again, and then select "Proceed to purchase"「購入手続きへ進む」 on the screen that follows.
  4. On the "Order Confirmation" screen that appears next, select "Receive at specified address「指定住所で受け取る」. After that, please fill in and select all the necessary information and confirm that your order details are correct before placing your order.
  5. When your order is confirmed, an e-mail with the subject line "Checking availability in store"「店頭在庫状況確認中」 will be sent to your e-mail address. When this e-mail is sent, your order is only temporarily placed.
  6. When we have secured the in-store inventory and have shipped the product, we will send you a "Shipment Completion Notification"「発送完了のお知らせ」 e-mail, so kindly wait for the product to arrive.
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Once an order has been placed, we are unable to change the delivery method, shipping address, or transfer products between stores due to inventory management reasons. Thank you for your understanding in advance.