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What kind of service is in-store pickup?【Click & Collect】

回答 Answer

Click & Collect" is a service that allows you to pick up your order at our directly-managed stores.
If the store you wish to pick up your order from has the product in stock, the product will be placed on hold at the store. If they don't have the product in stock, the online store's stock will be sent to the store, which may take up to one week to arrive at the store.
In either case, we will contact you by email at the time of order when the products are ready for pickup.
You may not be able to pick up your order even if you visit the store immediately after your order is confirmed because the products may need to be sent from a store or our warehouse. Therefore, please wait until you receive an e-mail saying that your order is ready for pickup.
In addition, the in-store pickup service offers various advantages to you. Please take advantage of this opportunity.
■When you are ready to pick up your order, you can pick up your order at your convenience during the business hours of the store you specify.
■There is no shipping charge if you place your order with the in-store pickup service (Click & Collect), even if the product is sent from another store or our warehouse.
■You can try on, cancel, and return products in the store. You may cancel your order after trying on the products at the store and/or return the products after receiving them.
Some precautions for using the in-store pickup service are also explained below.
■Click & Collect (in-store pickup service) is not available for some products and some stores.
・Orders that include pre-order products
・Orders for marking (quick customization) products
・Orders with more than 5 products in a single order.
・Other products such as special sales products and limited edition products are not available for in-store pickup service, and some stores do not offer in-store pickup service.
■The number of products that can be purchased in a single order process
For Click & Collect (in-store pickup service) orders, the maximum number of products that can be purchased in a single order is 5, due to transportation reasons. If you wish to order more than 5 products, we ask you to place your order in several orders.
※Split orders are processed differently for shipping and may not be delivered to stores on the same day.
■About Gift Wrapping
For orders with Click & Collect (in-store pickup service), you may not be able to choose gift wrapping at the time of order since the product delivery route is different from regular orders. If you wish to use the gift wrapping service, please ask the store assistant directly when you pickup your order.
For more information about "Click & Collect" (in-store pickup service) and payment methods, please refer to the following.