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Can I order Japan national soccer team uniforms with markings other than the selectable player names?

回答 Answer

You can order from "Add any name/number" in the "Quick Customize"「クイックカスタマイズ」 section on the product page.
※When there is no mention of "Quick Customize"「クイックカスタマイズ」, marking cannot be applied to the product.
Select the "Quick Customize" tab, check the "Add any name/number"「好きな名前/番号を入れる」 checkbox, and enter the name and number of your choice.
We accept name and number markings as a set. You cannot order only one of them. Words that are offensive to public order and morals or deemed inappropriate by adidas cannot be used.
<Regarding the order of marking products>
※Once the order is placed, we do not accept changes to the order details, including marking details.
※We do not accept returns or exchanges of customized products, except for defective products.
※It will take about 2-4 weeks to ship because the marking process is performed after the order is placed.
For this reason, we do not accept delivery date requests. (It is possible to specify the scheduled delivery time.)