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Can I pick up my order at a convenience store?

回答 Answer

This is a convenient service that allows you to pick up your order at convenience stores in Japan. When this service is available, you will be able to select the convenience store pickup 「コンビニ受け取り」option when you enter your shipping information on the order page.
We are unable to provide the convenience store pickup service for the following products or orders.
・Packages with a total length, width, and height of 100 cm or more after packing.
・Weight of the package is 10kg or more.
・Any order that exceeds 300,000 yen
・Orders that include products that are not available for pickup at convenience stores ( customized products, golf bags, etc.)
・When you select "Delivery from store"「店舗からの配送」 for your order.
※When the "Pickup at Convenience Stores"「コンビニで受け取る」 option is not displayed in the "Shipping Method" 「配送方法」selection box, you cannot use the convenience store pickup service. Thank you for your understanding in advance.