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What is 3D Secure?

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“3D Secure" is a name given to an authentication service recommended by credit card companies to secure credit card transactions for Internet shopping.
Click here for more details about 3D Secure.
For more information about 3D Secure
You are required to register and set up 3D Secure in advance on your credit card company's website, etc. Please be sure to register before ordering by credit card.
If 3D Secure authentication is required during the order process in the online store, the following pop-up window will appear after you click the "Place Order" button「注文確定ボタン」. Follow the instructions on the screen to enter the password and other information you have set in advance.
※Required information may vary depending on your credit card company.
※The password for 3D Secure, which you will be asked to enter in the red frame in the image below, is different from your PIN or the security code on your credit card.
If you do not know your 3D Secure password or how to register your password, please contact your credit card company directly.
From the viewpoint of preventing unauthorized use of your credit card, if your 3D Secure authentication fails for multiple times, the use of your credit card for payment of your order will be restricted.
If your card has been restricted (locked), please contact our customer service for more information.
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