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Can I change the contents of my order?

回答 Answer

Once your order has been placed, we will not be able to change the contents of your order, including the following items, due to our system's limitations.
※Before finalizing your order, please check to make sure that all the information is correct.
・Change to a different product
・Change of product color, size, or quantity
・Cancel a part of your order
・Change of gift wrapping details (color and wrapping material included in the package etc)
・Change of delivery address
・Change/add delivery date/time
・Change of payment method
・Apply or change a coupon
※You may cancel your order on the "Order History/Cancel"「 注文履歴・キャンセル」 page of the "My Account"「 マイアカウント」 menu, as long as the order is in the "New Order" 「新規受注」or "Waiting for Payment" 「入金待ち」status and the Cancel button is displayed within 30 minutes after the order has been placed.
※Orders that have been placed for more than 30 minutes or are in the "Preparing for Shipment" 「出荷準備中」or " Payment has been received"「入金済み」 status will not be cancelled.
※Reserved products, customized products, limited edition products, etc. are not subject to cancellation.
If the order can be canceled, please cancel the order and then place a new order.
Note that the same product may not be in stock or the amount may be different when you place a new order. We appreciate your understanding in advance.