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I want to cancel because I made a mistake in the size, color, or quantity.

回答 Answer

If you have ordered the wrong size, color, or quantity of the product, you may cancel your order if all of the following conditions are met
<Conditions for Cancellation>
・When your order is in "New Order" 「新規受注」or "Waiting for Payment" status「入金待ち」.
・Within the specified time from the completion of the order procedure.
※Orders placed through the official adidas online store and Rakuten within 30 minutes of placing the order, and orders placed through PayPay Mall stores within 10 minutes of placing the order.
・The order must not contain any non-cancelable products as defined by us, such as some pre-order products.
Click here to check how to cancel your order
Additionally, we are unable to change the size, color, or quantity of your order because of our system's limitations.
Kindly cancel the order by yourself, and then place another order with the contents you wish to order.