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Could you tell me about the wearability and sizing of the clothing?

回答 Answer

The size and fitting of garments vary depending on the design, purpose, and materials used, as well as on the customer's body shape, the way customers wear the garment, and their own individual sensibilities.
In addition, even if you call us, send us an e-mail, or use the live chat service, we may not be able to answer your question about the size or fit of the garment, as it is difficult for us to have all the actual products on hand. We appreciate your understanding in advance.
The fit of the product is described as a guide in the description on each product page.
・Compression fit(コンプレッションフィット)
Tight-fit...worn very tight to apply moderate pressure to the muscles to improve performance.
・Tight fit(タイトフィット)
Slightly tighter fit that is form-fitting to the skin.
・Regular fit(レギュラーフィット)
A fit that is neither too tight nor too loose.
・Relaxed fit(リラックスフィット)
A relaxed fit is a fit in which the overall fit is loose, including the shoulders and body width.
・Loose Fit(ルーズフィット)
A silhouette that is even larger and looser than relaxed fit.
・Oversize fit(オーバーサイズフィット)
The body width, shoulder width, and length are larger than usual, creating a silhouette that makes the garment look larger in volume while still being stylish.
※Since the fitting varies depending on the wearer's sense of comfort and body shape, the above information may not always be applicable. We ask for your understanding in advance.
If you order from our online store using the store pickup service (Click & Collect), you can try on the size you ordered at the store before you make your pickup.
In that case, if the size does not fit, etc., please inform the store assistant, and the order can be cancelled right away. We hope you will take advantage of this service.