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Can I cancel my order? 【adidas smartphone app】

回答 Answer

Orders can be cancelled by the customer within 30 minutes of order completion (15 minutes for lottery sales) if the order is in the "New Order"「新規受注」 or "Waiting for Payment" 「入金待ち」status and the Cancel button is displayed.
※Reserved products cannot be canceled because the products are prepared after the order is placed.
In addition, cancellations cannot be accepted after 30 minutes (15 minutes for lottery sales) from order completion or when the status is "Preparing for shipment"「出荷準備中」 or "Payment received"「入金済み」, as long as shipping arrangements and payment processing are in progress. We appreciate your understanding in advance.
This section explains how to cancel an order on the adidas App.
【1】 First, select the "Account"「アカウント」 icon in the upper right corner of the application.
【2】 Next, select "Purchase History"「購入履歴」 on the account screen.
【3】 Next, select the order you wish to cancel on the Purchase History screen.