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I cannot select the "Place Order" button on the checkout screen. 【adidas smartphone app】

回答 Answer

There may be cases where the "Place Order" button is grayed out and cannot be selected due to the customer's account information or the information required to make a purchase not being registered on the checkout screen. If you cannot select the "Place Order" button, please follow steps 【1】to 【3】 below.
【1】First, select the "Account"「アカウント」 icon in the upper right corner of the application.
・Select "Settings/Help"「設定・ヘルプ」 on the "Account" screen.
・Select " Membership Information"「会員情報」 next.
・Select and fill in all the blank items on the next screen that appears.
・After entering the information, please select "Save"「保存する」.
・When you have successfully made the changes, the account screen will appear again. Please press the "×" button to close the account screen.
【2】After completing the change of membership information, please place your order again and select and enter the "Shipping Method,「配送方法」" "Address,"「住所」 and "Payment Method" 「お支払い方法」on the checkout screen.
※If you wish to use a coupon, please enter the coupon code. Also, to request gift wrapping, please specify gift wrapping when you place your order.
Once all required information has been successfully registered, the "Place Order" button will turn black on the checkout page and the order can be placed. Double check that your order details are correct before.