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  • 公開日時 : 2023/04/27 12:43
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May I ask the reason for the difference between the "earliest delivery date" listed on the product page and the " specified delivery date" that can be specified during the order process?

回答 Answer

The "earliest possible delivery date" 「最短お届け日」listed on the product page and the earliest possible date specified in the "delivery date specification"「お届け日指定」 displayed during the order procedure may differ.
■The "earliest delivery date"「最短お届け日」 indicated on the product page: the estimated delivery date to the main regions of Honshu when the product is shipped at the earliest possible date.
■Date of "Specified delivery date" 「お届け日指定」during the order process: date that can be specified under normal circumstances, considering the delivery area and the number of days required for delivery.
When ordering from the online shop, please allow enough time for your order to be delivered on the date requested.