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I don't know my order number.

回答 Answer

The "Order Number" 「ご注文番号」issued upon completion of an order at the Online Shop is shown below in the "Order Completion Notification" 「注文完了のお知らせ」and "Shipment Completion Notification"「発送完了のお知らせ」 e-mails sent after the order process is completed.


If you have already logged in to adiCLUB and made a purchase, you can also check your order history in the My Account page.

※To check the method of confirmation, please refer to the following page.


■How can I check my order history?


In the event that you have placed a guest purchase order and for some reason have not received an email, and you are unable to confirm your order number or order details, feel free to contact us.


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