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I want to specify the delivery date and time.

回答 Answer

Delivery date and time can be specified on the order processing screen.


※We are unable to accept delivery on dates and times that are not displayed on the order processing screen. Although we will make every effort to arrange shipping so that we can deliver on the date and time specified, there may be cases where we are unable to deliver on the date and time specified due to the following reasons. Thank you for your understanding in advance.


・In the event that we receive a large number of orders in a short period of time due to a sale, etc., and it takes time to arrange for shipment.

・When we are unable to ship or deliver due to traffic, weather, or natural disasters.

・In case of temporary closing of the office or suspension of shipping services due to vacations or other reasons.


If you wish to change the delivery date and time, please click "Change"「変更」 on the purchase procedure screen.

The "Delivery Date and Time"「お届け日時」 and "Delivery Time Zone" 「お届け時間帯」selection fields will appear.


To specify a delivery date, please select the date you wish to receive your order within the date displayed.


Check the details of the selected delivery date and time, and click Save.


The delivery date and time you specified will be displayed on the order confirmation screen.