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I cannot successfully complete the purchase process or other operations. What should I do? 【adidas smartphone app】

回答 Answer

If you are unable to complete the purchase procedure or other operations on the application due to errors or other problems, please retry the procedures by following the steps 【1】 to【5】 below in order.
If you are in a hurry and still cannot solve the problem, please visit the adidas Online Shop Website.
Log out of the application and log in again.
※Click here for logout operation and for login operation.
Disconnect from the Wi-Fi connection, connect with a mobile communication line, and operate the application again.
If your device has only a Wi-Fi connection, skip to step 【3】 and try again.
Quit the application completely (end tasks) and restart it before operating it.
Turn off your smartphone, restart the application.
Delete the adidas app from your smartphone and re-install it from the app store. After re-installation, please start the app and login.
※We are unable to provide information on how to delete or install applications on each smartphone, as such operations may differ for each smartphone model. Please understand this beforehand. Therefore, regarding this issue, please contact the manufacturer or distributor of the smartphone.
In case the above operation does not solve the problem, please contact us by e-mail with the necessary information below.
■Details of the Error
・What day and time did the error happened?:
・Where did the problem happened?(Which screen?):
・What operation caused the problem?:
・What does the error message say?:
■Operating Environment
・What typed of device are you using?(iPhone, Android, iPad, PC etc):
・What is the name of your smartphone?(iPhone11 etc)
・What communication carrier are you using?:
・OS(Windows 10, MacOS, iOS14.2/Android11.1 etc):
・Browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, etc./PC):
※Please include the version number of your OS and browser.
■Products you wish to purchase
Product number (art no. 6-digit alphanumeric character ):
Product size(Japan/JP size):
Number of items you wish to purchase:
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